> [!info] Under construction ## What is Digital Content Defense? *Digital Content Defense* or DCD is everything content creators do to defend themselves, their work, and their digital content against unauthorized or illegal activity. ### Reasons to defend your content: * piracy * leaks * fraud * impersonation * harassment * doxxing ==See [[Scenarios]] for help figuring out what to do next.== ### Ways to defend your content: * Asking whoever misused your content to stop — this often works when it's an honest mistake or when the person didn't expect to be caught * Sending a legal takedown notice to the site that hosts the content ^[See [[Warnings]] and [[Templates]].] * Reporting it to search engines ^[This can also help to de-rank the site you're reporting. See [[Search Engine Takedowns]] for instructions.] * Reporting the content to the service provider that's hosting the content if it violates their community guidelines ^[This works great sometimes and doesn't work at all other times. Success depends on the circumstances, the method of contact, the platform, and more. See [[Platforms]] for detailed guidance.] ==See [[Platforms]] for a thorough list.== ### More * [[Searching]] * Keeping records * [Legal, financial, and safety risks](Warnings) ## Why are you here? - [[Someone posted my photos or other content online without my permission]] - [[Someone is pretending to be me online]] - [[I'm looking for templates]] - [[I want to know what DMCA is]] - [[Other]] ## Topics - [[Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)]] - [[Privacy]] - [[Takedown Service Company Reviews and Comparisons with Feature Tables and Costs]] - [[Social Media Platforms]] - 🚨[[Warnings]] ## Common situations - [[Piracy]] — Someone is posting your content online (ex. torrent sites, Reddit, tube sites) - [[Impersonation]] — Someone is pretending to be you online (ex. a fake Instagram account or talent booking profile) - [[Doxxing]] — Someone posted your personal information line (ex. phone number, home address) - [[Personal content leaked (ex. photos, videos)]] — Someone shared your private content without your permission (ex. ex-partner posted intimate photos online, phone was hacked and contents leaked) ## Tools and more - [[Templates]] — Including - DMCA template - Spreadsheet templates for tracking important information - Process templates to streamline and automate your DCD - [[Searching online]] — How to find unauthorized content online, including - Search engine operators - Automatic website monitoring - Alert systems - [[Free Stuff]] [[Free Stuff]] [[FAQ]] [[About]] [[Contact]] [[Links]] [[Research]] [[Share]]